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The Serpent of Knowledge

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The Serpent of Knowledge

Freedom Of Expression

I grew up in London during the Nazi Blitz during the Second World War. My first memories are of the Doodle Bugs which were rockets filled with explosives that would rain down upon us. One waited until the noise of the engine stopped and held one's breath as it fell to Earth and exploded with a terrible earth shaking bang.

One of my early interests was painting, drawing and photography. My forte was the erotic. In the Sixties I began producing erotica in photography and film. I was a student at St Martins School of Art in Charing X Road in London's West End. One evening I met an artist who after looking at my sketch book introduced me to a Soho book shop owner who purchased my erotic drawings for what was a tidy sum of money in those days. 

Eventually I was charged under the Obscene Publications Act and spent time in prison. The arresting officer an inspector Moody was corrupt and I began paying him to avoid going to prison again.

Being involved in a world of corruption and money a contract to kill was placed on my head that ended in me killing my would be murderer and to me being falsely convicted of murder. 

I wrote my first novel The Nonce which was based on some of the charactors I met inside. After reading it someone said to me: "You are always talking about the porn business so why not write about that?" 

This resulted in my biography I Pornographer that tells the story set in the London Sixties Soho. 

Reclaim The Land
Time or Change.
Censorship part1
Buck'$ Luck
Bobby Buck from Texas is a country rock musician on the run from his ex wife’s alimony claim so he rushes to the airport and gets on a plane to London “home of The Beatles” as he calls it. He busks in Leicester Square and meets a fellow busker Bob Flag played by the famous saxophonist who tells him that he can find a place to sleep in Cardboard City and when he accompanies to the back of Charing Cross Underground Station he discovers a lot of homeless people sleeping in cardboard boxes. He dosses down there and meets other street musicians. In the daytime he reads The Stage and attends auditions where he sings his songs and plays a guitar. Eventually he meets a rich music entrepreneur. Featuring fifteen or more of Bucks original songs.  Mike Freeman employed all the box people as extras and you will see some of these in the film in a real life situation of Cardboard City as well as professional actors. An original film that you will love if you like country rock.

Buck'$ Luck part 2

Buck'$ Luck Written & Directed by Mike Freeman

Buck'$ Luck part 2

Buck'$ Luck part 3

Buck'$ Luck part 4

Michael J Freeman

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 The Sixties & The Soho Jungle



By Julian Marsh on 5 April 2013 Format: Kindle Edition


In the past decade there's been a growing number of books about the history of American adult movies but Britain's blue underground is far less well documented. It's not because the background to the films and the people who made them is any less fascinating though.

This account of Soho in the 1960s - when wholesale corruption saw Scotland Yard's Obscene Publications Squad granting 'licences' for pornographers to operate - is as rich as any of the stories of New York's or California's pioneering smut peddlers.

The era of the notorious 'Dirty Squad' has been told by journalists and in fiction. But here we have a detailed memoir by London's foremost producer of explicit photos and 8mm films. (And, if you learn nothing else from I Pornographer, you'll discover that we did not call them 'loops' on this side of the Atlantic but 'rollers'.)

What a remarkable tale Michael Freeman has to tell. A working class lad from South London with a talent for art, he became a supplier of the more explicit types of pictures that were sold illicitly in the back rooms of Soho's bookshops. But his success brought him to the attention of the police and, when he refused to pay them off, he was jailed for 18 months.

Having learned his lesson the hard way, on his release he stepped into line and regularly handed over plain brown envelopes bulging with bank notes to hard-drinking detectives in noxious pub toilets. But Freeman was a born entrepreneur and pretty soon he was pushing the restrictive boundaries that the cops had set, including expansion into Amsterdam.

This was the era of Swinging London and Freeman had no problems finding horny dolly birds who wanted to shed their mini skirts and enjoy their new found freedoms in front of his camera. He also developed a liking for grass and later experimented with acid.

But it was far from being all peace and love in the West End jungle. He recalls numerous memorable characters, drawing them with all the vivid relish of Damon Runyan describing his Times Square hustlers. Many were friendly but there were also violent skirmishes with competitors who pirated his work and the constant, menacing shadow of 'the Twins' - Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

With a botched European smuggling trip souring relations with the 'Dirty Squad' and rumours of a contract being taken out on him, Freeman employed an unstable ex-con, who he had met while inside, to act as his 'muscle'. But things were quickly getting out of control and eventually they spiralled towards a bloody killing...

So who should read this remarkable autobiography?

Anybody interested in the inside story of the British porn business - obviously - but also anyone who wants a first-person account of a key period for crime and policing in the capital during the second half of the 20th century. If you're a student of sociology or psychology, you'll learn a lot from Freeman's insights as well.

And if you want a cracking good tale, I Pornographer will satisfy that desire too. Freeman writes no-nonsense prose that transports you straight to the pounding heart of 60s Soho. His recall of hard-boiled street talk is sheer joy. His experiences are so extraordinary they will have you on the edge of your seat. Quite simply, you will not be able to put this book down.

But he never falls into the trap of recalling these events from a 40-years-on perspective. He does not gloss them with unconvincing 20/20 hindsight; nor does he romanticise them with macho swagger. He is candid about the excitement of the fun times but honestly recounts the fear that he was feeling inside while facing the world with a hard-man façade.


One of my early interests was painting, drawing and photography. My fortewas the erotic



In the Sixties I began producing erotica in photography and film. I was a student at St Martins School of Art in Charing X Road in London's West End. One evening I met an artist who after looking at my sketch book introduced me to a Soho book shop owner who purchased my erotic drawings for what was a tidy sum of money in those days.Eventually, I was charged under the Obscene Publications Act and spent time in prison. The arresting officer an inspector Moody was corrupt and I began… Read more





Towards a New Religion: Creatism By Michael J Freeman










Russell Brand spoke the other day about discovering a New Religion. 2011



Religion: just thinking of the violence committed in its name makes me angry. Why are all the governments of the so called western democracies sending the flower of their youth, your sons and daughters to slaughter each other on the killing fields of perpetual war? Governments use religion to divide and rule over us. Most say they are against racism yet their military invasion of other countries is inherently racist. They say that they are fighting terrorism but they are the real terrorists. However all political systems and manmade religions ultimately become corrupt because “absolute power corrupts absolutely” but Russell is right we need a new religion. Not a man made religion but a natural one. How can we make a religion that won’t become corrupted?


On the face of it the question seems unanswerable but if we look at it the answer is already there because the reason that all religions and political systems are historically corrupted by power is that they become unnatural. Humans are the only Species that Kill their Own Kind Humans are the only species that make war and kill their own kind! The males of other species fight each other over females for example but this is a ritual in which one will give in and accept defeat by running away.Is this natural order of things on the planet Earth possible for humans? The answer is yes.The Trobriander IslandersIn the 19th century an anthropologist and explorer Malinowski came across a paradise on Earth an inhabited island where everyone lived in peace. Like all the other species, excepting humankind, there was no murder and if males fought it was a ritual where one gave in. Food was abundant as was fish and fruit. There was no toil only joyful labour which was shared and their fishing boats were shared and maintained communally.

One day an Islander saw sailing ships on the horizon and as they got nearer and put down longboats to approached the friendly islanders met them and hung garlands of flowers around their necks.Christianity and Shame But the dour looking men all dressed in black and carrying black bibles made them cover their nakedness and taught them religion and shame!If we visit the Trobriander Islands today the golden sands of the beach are filthy with the detritus of global capitalism, oil, faeces and old bottles and cans that are symbolic of a Paradise lost our once beautiful Earth. To all Soldiers The recent theatre of war the Middle East soldiers from the UK have featured prominently sent there by the greedy 1 per cent. The “enemy” are those your government has demonised through the state controlled mainstream media but the people you have been taught to hate and despise, are just families often poor, mothers, fathers and children. Soldiers I ask you why were you there killing them.

Do you know that you are just being used in the game of slaughter for profit? Their Islamic warriors are courageous and not afraid to die in action and more and more of your mates are being killed each day the figures not reported in the controlled mainstream Western media and even though you have cameras on your helmets no videos showing the bloody murders that you are ordered to do. All such videos are censored because if the people saw them there would be revulsion and a public outcry! Who watches the snuff movies that you make? The evil perverts who sent you there of course! In World War 2 Hirohito the Japanese emperor who was worshipped as a living god satisfied his sadistic tastes by watching snuff films of young girl prisoners tortured to death. Unbelievable but true because evil breeds unnatural and perverse acts and now history repeats itself.


The unprovoked conflagration encouraged by Tony Blair when he lied to the British people about Saddaam Hussein’s nonexistent weapons of mass destruction targeted on Britain and ordered the invasion of Iraq. The West’s invasion in the Middle East has resulted in turning all these countries into hotbeds of Islamic hatred of the West: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria where millions of civilians, including thousands of children have been murdered on the killing fields of war for profit.


The Agenda of State Control A human being is born with natural programming, information in its mind that the parents have passed to it in the womb through genetics. Intelligence is inherited as studies of twins parted at birth and living in separate environments have proven. This is not a right wing theory but a fact but using that intelligence to see through the web of deceit is difficult for we are fed lies from birth.


This brings me to a point that if one’s moral behaviour is decided by the left versus right politically correct rules then let me make clear that I consider the separation to be two sides of the same coin and a part of the same agenda of state control.MarxI used to believe that Marx was right until after finding out and learning about his “dialectical materialism” I discovered that it originated in Ancient Greece – a fact that he did not acknowledge- and the antithesis versus the hypothesis was simply an obtuse way of saying when people debate a topic that it sometimes results in a modified view that was named the “synthesis.” His Das Kapital is not meant to be read and understood by the workers that he purported to represent but those so called “Marxist intellectuals” who spoke in a private language undecipherable by the people.


It was Engels who spoke in easily understood phrases like “workers of the world unite and throw off your chains!” Freud said that the sexual feelings of the workers had to be sublimated into labour if civilization is to exist and there lies all the problems of the modern Western world in the 21st century.

This theory was taken as a fact by the British government of the day as a truism and as capitalism spread so governments took on board Freud’s theory and discouraged recreational sex except in very controlled circumstances and the workers were forced to toil all day in order to exist. But was Freud right?


But was Sigmund Freud right did the workers have to repress their sexual desires in order for civilization to exist? Freud was a person who stood up in the International Conference of Psychoanalysis in the 1920s and said “Ladies and gentlemen I have discovered an amazing new cure for heroin addiction it is called cocaine!” Yes the man who changed the world that led to global capitalism, extreme wage inequality and racism where we are divided over and ruled by the greedy one per cent was a cocaine addict who wrote all his theories with one end of a straw up his nose the other in a bowl of cocaine! As the workers repressed their sexual feelings only the rich greedy 1 per cent had time to play! The miseries of toil in the sweatshops modern consumer society increased, life got faster and women had to go out to work whereas as recently as the Fifties they had the choice!


The Movie Screen in our Minds The lens of our eyes sends two images that are projected onto the retina upside down; these images, viewed are coloured by you and viewed on a screen in your head- the right way up this time-called the visual cortex. We All Live in Separate Worlds There is not one world because we all live in separate worlds of our own making and as we are possessed of free will we can change it. But what happens when the workers repress their sexual desires? They become sex starved and as emotions need to be satisfied we become dysfunctional. An analogy is hunger and if one does not eat it leads to starvation and disease.“Reality” is a State of MindPeople think the world is what they see, what logical thinkers call “reality” but this is a false intellectual construction, a state of mind referred to as “normal.” The world today could be a lot better if we stopped repressing our instincts. The workers have been tricked by the greedy one per cent who control the world that this is the truth and immutable and it’s because you all believe this deception in a state of collective consciousness that you feel powerless to change it. But you can change it. Christmas is a good example and people’s attitudes change in a benevolent way towards their fellow human beings. The world that we see inside our heads on that picture screen called the visual cortex becomes more rosy and we feel friendlier towards our fellow human beings.


In the World War 2 hostilities relaxed over the holiday and German and British soldiers played football together. “Reality is like a movie that you are in on the stage of the world and you can change your act anytime!

Perpetual War We live in a state of perpetual war waged for profit where the brave and the strong go to do their duty to the bidding of the weak and cowardly who by cunning and deviousness have gained power. In the armed forces they learn the mantra “it is not for me to reason why but to do or die” that is to obey the orders of an officer, a member of the ruling class, thereby delegating responsibility to another of higher rank. No Heroes in Modern Warfare But those patriots that joined the army because they were proud of being British or just for adventure and excitement with intention of becoming heroes fighting for their country soon find that there are no heroes today and death comes unseen and swiftly with today’s evil weapons of mass destruction.


In the end one is just trying to survive and get back home. For the veterans that do get back life often becomes a nightmare of post traumatic shock and remorse about what one has done and suicide among veterans is all too common.

Hubert Marcuse Professor Marcuse in his great work Eros & Civilisation refuted Freud’s theory that if the workers did not sublimate their sex drive into labour that civilisation would fall and said that a different more peaceful and loving civilisation would develop if we rolled back capitalism. He said that today’s violent world ruled by a few greedy rich and powerful was the result a constant exposure to violent imagery and repressed sexuality. Sexual repression leads to the emergence of a violent society and if we look at any repressed society the more sex and its imagery is controlled the more violence we have; take Islamic societies for example Sharia law produces the most sexually repressed and perverse culture on the Earth..


If We Rolled Back Consumer Society


If we rolled back global capitalism and consumer society we would not need to consume the vast amount of unnecessary goods that advertising persuades people to buy today.When one emotion is suppressed it gets diverted into another and that is why obesity is common these days! Goods would not need to be branded and packaged in coloured printed boxes. We know what for example what dried beans pulses, rice, grains and all other food looks like and customers would help themselves with a scoop or be served and take their goods in paper bags; after all it is better to see what one is buying. Goods would not travel enormous distances in refrigerated vans and food would be supplied from local producers because all these practises make food more expensive.Money as a store of value would have an intrinsic worth like gold coins and precious stones instead of being worthless pieces of paper printed by corrupt governments that encourage inflation.


No shortage of Cheap Food


There is no shortage of cheap food but as people were brainwashed into moving into over crowded cities food becomes dearer with the cost of packaging and transportation and worst of all governments destroy food, butter mountains, cheese mountains, milk and wine lakes in a starving world to maintain a profitable market price!. In the UK and the rest of the European Community this is called the Common Agricultural Policy CAP. This has lead to endemic corruption with lorries full of food travelling round and around through different member states and claiming CAP subsidies until finally it is destroyed. There is No Shortage of LandThere is no shortage of arable land and people could be encouraged to move out of the cities back onto the land after a revolution that redistributed land and wealth stolen from the people everyone would have cheap food.


For those that want to stay and live in the high rise flat where notices threaten them to “keep off the grass” would divide it into allotments and grow food and any plants and herbs they wanted such as cannabis...UtopiaWe live in a dystopian unnatural collective mind state in a world of greed and suffering of our own making instead of a hedonistic one is where life is devoted to pleasure and happiness. We could change it into Utopia if we rolled back global capitalism. The profit motive would disappear as would greed and war. We would all contribute to society in our different ways and this would happen as there are those that take pleasure in all things: farmers who love to grow crops, keep cows, produce milk, eggs and cheese, engineers, architects, designers, electricians, builders, plumbers, and proud craftsmen who would make things to last without built in obsolescent and technicians and programmers who would make and operate the computers to run the world, a system of exchange and barter would organize supply and demand in a world without war...Revolution This time in the 21st century is ripe for revolution as the people’s trust in politicians, a government of rich upper class toffs, a corrupt police force and “justice” system, elite paedophiles including judges, barristers, lawyers protected by the police even they have known who they are for fifty years who are only exposed and sometimes named after they are dead! The body politic is rotten and we all know that...


The Most Spied Upon Nation in the World Britain the most spied on nation in the world that and as Julian Assange’s Wikileaks revealed conspired with the USA government to spy on each other’s populations and then exchanged information to get around their own domestic laws that made it illegal. Worldwide RevolutionPeople all over the world are experiencing an expansion of consciousness from an international community of netizens and international revolution will become inevitable as they realize the truth.ParasitesAs new societies are formed anyone who does not produce a service or goods like bankers buying and selling paper money will be classed as parasites and unacceptable under new laws that will be based on nature and living in peace and harmony with each other and the environment. Work groups will be based on equality and there will be no bosses just workers and the fruits of their labour will be distributed equally and exchanged and bartered with the goods everyone needs. Everyone will submit a list of items services and goods that they need each month for to their local co-operative for themselves and their families and over ordering and stockpiling won’t be necessary because when the profit motive is replaced with need and there will ne plenty to share.War The armed forces will swear an oath to the people and not to government and will be used exclusively to defend the homeland and the invasion of other countries will be illegal. Arts and CultureArts, culture, music and dance will be encouraged to promote the new society with intellectuals justifying and educating the people through a national network of computers. Artists will produce erotic images, statues to be placed in public places so that new generation will grow up without shame of their bodies or recreational sex. Sex hostile religions will die out with the brainwashing and religious mutilation of children punishable by being outcast to a prison island.


A New Religion will be Born

A new religion will be born that I name “creatism” encouraging the worship of nature without censorship. Residual violence will be ritualized, advertised in the media as entertainment and fights will be televised and a winner declared with one party conceding defeat. 




The Power of the State

The power of the state will be reduced to advice from intellectuals and artists and implemented by democratic electronic voting on the internet. How are we Going to Tune in Together?To tune in and create a collective mind state to worship a New Religion is simple but requires courage for it means expanding your consciousness, breaking taboos and taking forbidden substances at the same time. The plants of the Earth are your birthright and here for a purpose and as capsules of knowledge. Evil people know this and have been churning out propaganda and awarding Draconian punishment for those who imbibe of the sacred plants of knowledge and wisdom. The time to take them and worship in the temple of your body is at the beginning of each of the 13 lunar months of the year on the Full Moon. Hundreds of thousands of people are already worshipping and if you summon up the courage to step into the unknown you will achieve enlightenment. CannabisCannabis has been a valuable commodity since the dawn of humanity both for its medicinal properties and its many utilitarian purposes as well as an aid to the expansion of consciousness, spiritual awareness and meditation. The human body has innate canniniboid receptors that promote health.



The False Calendar The evil sex hostile Early Church Fathers altered the natural calendar to 12 so terrified were they of the number 13 and the full moon and they give all sorts of false reasons why they have altered the natural month of 28 days into 28, 30 or 31!Dire warnings and penalties have been given over the centuries discouraging the use the of the sacred plants of knowledge but all are false. For example we have all heard of the man who took LSD and killed himself because he thought he could fly but strangely no one ever knew his name!


Famous People who have taken Hallucinogenics Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, Dr Allan Crick, Dr John Lilley, Aldous Huxley, Alfred Hubbard, Howard D Abrahamson, Martin Luther King, Ken Kesey, Owsely Stanley, Sidney Cohen, Jim Carrey, and many more.

LSD is non-addictive and a key to release natural substances in the brain and if one took it every day it would not have any effect after a few days and one can only experience full enlighten met every 28 days. It is best taken with experienced guides and an benign environment. Trippers talk about going to heaven or hell but it is not fatal and even a bad trip is a lesson.


Perhaps you may see the horrors of war or evil entities that lie behind the mask of someone’s face. Fellow trippers and I would find it an amusing game to watch politicians lying on TV. Yes one mind can become a lie detector! Plants here on Earth:



Erowid Psychoactive Plant & Fungi Vaults

www.erowid.orgInformation on the use of a variety of herbs and plants for their spiritual, medicinal, and nutritional value




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