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I wrote this page 2013 and best not to edit to see how much I have learnt during the process.

CRAFTING THE WRONGDOING WITHIN THE PUBLIC SERVICES OF THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES..  Sharing my story to help other families going through the 'SECRET COURTS'.....NON FICTION.  just to show a few of the records. 

This page was written February 2013


The Hell within the social services Local authorities. Sounds a little harsh but when you are being noted by social workers, court Guardian's and Officers in charge of Looked After Children and  seeing wrongdoing then this is how it makes me feel. Being branded of Now having a paedophile ring by social worker Nyarai Marconi to S Lamb working with PKS at the Anna Freud centre and their management noted the report parents running paedophile rings.

Before they left this case of course I have a right to complain where ever possible. And what better place and join the thousands of families having their children forced by inaccurate reports and I mean inaccurate when you see these so called care workers. All have now been moved around and off this case. We will see where children are being seriously abused within the so called 'corporate care system ...This is how I feel since care was lost and seeing more harm than good being done to my children.










As Lord Justice Munby; 

Rejects ban on naming and shaming social workers



Sir James Munby, president of the Family Division of the High Court, said the public had a right to know “what is being done in their name” and called for the courts to adapt to the internet era Photo: BRIAN SMITH FOR THE TELEGRAPH


When a mother's children are being abused in a so called care system. We have a right to name and shame all those inflicting such cruelty.


I will listen to his Lord Justice Munby that transparency is paramount. Naming and shaming the wrongdoers within the care proceeding when children are taken by authorities.

 I will not take notice of Judge Anthony Ansell or Lord Briggs as they acted illegally within my family matters.

As far as I can see in the field of play. Not Fair game!


On the 29th January 2013. My children where taken away which we call stolen forced without our permission. My children at the time where playing with friends at a home education group in London. ( having fun!) enjoying social skills.

The reason the officer DC Jaswinderpal Singh Kohli and DC Beer took our children was because of an anonymous person.  This anonymous informer who befriended us a few months before my children were forced from our care..

Public services social workers and their management all going by inaccurate reports and 'not kept reports said my barrister at the time

The corrupt DC said that my son had written something on his Facebook page which lead to my children being forced into care. Since losing at the 'secret family courts I complained to a different police force independent from the Metropolitan Police team. The new team are listening, not the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) I found out they are all in the same rank and not independent for the Met Police force. The IPCC is where I complained about DC Kohli they sent  Inspector Kevin Jeffery from Barkingside Police Station the same station Dc Jaswinderpal Kohi Singh works...

DI Jeffery said to me 'Oh do you mean KAZ when he met me at the home where I am staying. I said, 'no not Kaz his name is DC Jaswinderpal Kohli Singh. I said he is no friend of mine'. I have a list of complaints...

My complaints went no further, brushed under the carpet so to speak.

They stole my son's computer.. But luckily never got branded as some kind of female nonce that DC Kohli and his team mates tried to make out because I support my children's father. 'Michael J Freeman'

I have made more serious complaints against this man to highter ranks. Awaiting justice. My children want to come home. And I will bring what ever walls I need to reach.

My children were forced into separate police cars on a cold winters day without warm clothes, as they had taken off their jumpers and jackets while running around playing with friends. The Officer DC Kohli did not tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth he did things illegally.

The social workers lied in documents my MP is taken my complaints more seriously now she can see that the local authorites at Mercury Hse, The Pask. Romford. Essex are not providing the documentation I need to show all my complaints from the day I saw serious lies taking place... My children have many complaints. But between  Officer Kate Shepherd,(independent of ?) with Guardians and the social workers. Not abiding by the 

Rules within their guidance acting within our Human Rights their job descriptions. 

Can you imagine my daughter Mia 











I Can imagine my daughter being afraid and cold which lead to her being ill on the first night forced away from home.

My daughter on this very night was very ill and cried herself to sleep was reported only  by my son a  week later when I managed to see them in a small room with no window to look out not a child friendly no area for comfort  for children under serious trauamatic stress since being forced from their parents and put with strangers against their will.. So you can imagine the situation... 

My daughter cried through the night in a state of shock  searching for her mum and dad:










 I was told only by my son who was very distressed seeing her all hours of the night sleep walking he would always tell me of his sister having nightmares. But the social workers started twisting her dreams as  the effect of being cared for by her parents.


My Children still to this day do not know the reasons to why they are forcibly  removed from their parents, apart from Jean Kanzara another inappropriate social worker. My children want their true voices heard within document by telling the courts but Judge Anthony Ansell or Lord Briggs didn't take my children's voices seriously.












This is children's rights! 'freedom of speech' A simple question to asked a child, "where do you want to be right now if you had any wish in the world where do you want to be right now?"  Simple!


This simple question is not being asked.


We see the local authority social worker's distort children and families words.... Also noted in many of the court bundles. I have evidence . But between Judge Ansell and Lord Briggs they went by the inaccurate reports of social workers. They certainly do not share the same views as my partner Michael J Freeman or my views as a mother on Home Education, Health, Happiness, Love, respect, freedom of speech and expression is valued.



We have our human rights to supported each and every one of us.

Justice needs to be done. 

This case brought hundreds of workers, lawyers, barristers, solictors, never ending list of workers. The few days a new barrister.

My top barrister Stephen Chippeck

Stephen is regularly instructed in complex care

proceedings on behalf of parents and guardians,

dealing with all forms of sexual abuse allegations,

life threatening and less serious non accidental injury

especially where there is a dispute of expert evidence,

neglect, parents with grade 1-5 children images on


Stephen Chippeck stated the judge was wrong in his grounds.

Mr Chippeck from the Chambers  also reported  the 'inaccurate reports' of the social workers and the 'not kept' documents in his report and  grounds for leave to appeal my case when Judge Anthony Ansell on 11th October 2013 deemed me to be an unfit mother to care for my children. He refused me to have our children back until they are both 18 years of age. He decided I harmed my children in every way having no evidence to prove this. also shows the serious issues of families getting no justice in the secret family courts.




  Jean Kanzara - She was a black Nigerian- A right Wing Christian

The second social worker who I met on few occasions  wrote down in a report, a damning report that I never got to see until 10th October 2013. My barrister complained of this 130 page laid down before the final hearing, and not enough time to comment on the report written by  Jean Kanzara had written that my children's 2nd foster carer had  told my children 'the reasons why you are in care is because your father is a pedophile and your mother is unfit to care for you, but  comments came from Jean Kanzara the social worker. She acted illegally in these matters, and she tried to blame the now foster carer as harming my children emotionally; 'future emotional harm'  I will ne placing all her reports online .

future emotional harm is being used far to easy take a child into a system where 'care' is not being used from where families are sharing and children are now sharing their stories.



The foster carer wrote a very long, clear and precise reply and  refuted Jean Kanzara's report. The matter was then brushed under the carpet so to speak in the secret family courts.

Jean Kanzara I was told left to have a baby and now returned to work I hope she learns about children and the true care a child needs and lies should never be told to take a mothers child.

The serious accusation was ignored within the reports.  I have many complaints on just this one social worker. Many comlaints on each social worker. That is why they haveall left our case.


I have now made serious complaints to the Legal Ombudsman,  MPs and Other Legal Professionals and now different raking members within the establishment.


 My children are now on their 5th social worker( official ones) but they had trainee social workers and social workers who'd sign other reports... There is complaints about them all. The two Guardian's appointed to provide my children's voices during the proceedings but they all supressed gagged my children within reports.  The Officer Kate Shepherd ( looked After Children ) Independent reviewing officer now leaving our case at christmas 2014 did not write in the minutes of the LAC review the complaints and my children asking for longer contact with me and still at this point did not have an explination to why my children are in care. We made serious complaints about their reporting.'inaccurate reports'.still awaiting replies.


My daughter was given medication; paracetamol and cough medicine without my consent or our doctors concent to check my children's medical records to make sure she did not have any reactions to such medications.



'In a state of shock'.


While my children and myself were in a state of shock being torn apart.

More ‘harm’ started to happen.


1,  I complained to different people i.e social workers and the guardian at the time Titi Akinwande that my daughter suffers car sickness. But my children where chauffeured around all day in cars and every other day they had new driver and not knowing who they were or even my children knowing them.


My daughter  was becoming very ill pale, crying on each attendance when visiting me during our contact meeting, sleep walking and crying every night looking for comfort.  I kept complaining for several months nobody helped my daughter, specially the SW or even the Foster Carer. who also  told my daughter while under her care that nobody is allowed to cuddle her when she's upset.  How FUCKING CRUEL IS THAT. I have saved all complaints. ( This is what happens to children in care, what  frightening conditions for a child). Their reports kept coming back as Guy is aggressive and punches his sister every day they would write. They kept on writing this is also due to Guy watching violent films... We never watched violent films, mainly family films. So Why do they change family films to violence ?   Does the reporters i.e social workers and Cafcass love violence, fear and hatred to  brand others to be doing the same? as we as a family do not!


I complained during a cafcass meeting  At  9.30am in the morning   when my children arrived with the foster carer with big bottles of Pepsi Cola before  being forced in to school.  The Independent Reviewing Officer Kate Shepherd looked and didn't see the DANGERS of these drinks, and the effects it has on young children. She only looked amused at the situation. She knew we ate an organic diet and have a healthy lifestyle.   We hated these kind of drinks for my children full of sugars and first thing in the morning. Both the first carers husband and wife had serious health issues due to an unhealthy lifestyle and severly overweight.


I certainly made it clear during this meeting which was never reported. The Elective Home Education Head teacher Elizabeth Kelly  didn't notice how serious this was at such an early time. She stated that she will 'gauge' my children in English, Maths and Geography instead.


They are not educated in children health I am surprised and all my children previous home educational skills ignored!


I kept complaining but nobody listened. 


One of my emails:


My Children not recieving calls from the beginning: (censored names to 00000000 to protect the innocent)


'  26/07/2013 to Jean, Kazi, Kiran, Since you are not answering my emails regarding me not receiving my calls from my children over the week can you please give me another contact person to speak to, my children,  the arrangements by the courts not being met, the emotional needs of my children and myself.  Maybe you can ask 00000000 to keep up with this arrangement. I should have received a call last week  but I still have not heard from my children'.


I have 100s of these kind of complaints where they would not let my children  speak on the telephone.


I started to then write my complaints by email to catch someone’s attention


I complained when my son put on tremendous amount of weight over 2stone within the first 3 or 4 months and nobody listened he was very embarrassed and ashamed as he kept pulling down his now small clothes... No exercise was being provided for my children, being cheffured around in cars and eating plenty of junk food by the first foster carer who although they where lovely people they didn't have a healthy diet or even exercise.. They didn't know how to use computers which is a great educational tool. Not one person answered my complaints wanting to be returned how and asking why not?


The social worker kept changing and reducing my contact time with my children.  I thought that the judge set in stone his rules within the ICO  but his judgement was over ruled by the social workers who seemed more in charge than the judge. I never understood the difference of Authority,

The judge orders of contacts started to change without his knowledge. I then lost trust in Judge Ansell to Lord Briggs and the secret family courts at Gee street, London.



We then started to then  disputed the ICO; Interim Care Orders after learning from Ian Joseph and many trained people in this area to argue against the Interim Care Order and  TO NOT TRUST  THE ENEMY of The People.


 I stopped believing in them. I found  Judge Ansell  was not sympathetic and colluded with the other members who attended the court, specially the 2nd guardian....  I am sure that it must be his duty as a Judge working with Children and Families to make sure care is paramount. It is stated within the rules; reports must be accurate.....

We  had all the proof to show the innacuate reporting of social services staff Judge Ansell noticed this but he turned a blind eye...


They didn't provide the psychiatrist Dr Omer Moghraby with our Home Education reports which was their duty.  The Home Educational Reports. I know people say you should share personal details but why not specially when your family are being harmed and no one is doing much about it. We can always change my children's names if they so wish. History  is important before judging another.




My son would tell me how his sister suffered at nights crying , sleep walking for her mother and crying for her father during the night 2 and 3 in the morning and her face started to change her eyes started to looked bruised during our couple of hours together - she now started to look so pale and both my children starting to  bite their finger nails. Something that never happened before... and now showing serious bruising under her eyes never had before.

This harm told to me from members within the social services  it was suppressed.

Only by my worried son who loves his sister.


Once or twice I  asked the first carer of my children.   Why is my daughters eyes looking so bruised and she would tell me about her sleep walking and crying in  the middle of the night.

My son found this very distressing to see as she would wake him up with her crying. She still cries. Obviously and misses her father terribly. Government know the series effects  to a child being forced from their loving families... 

' May You all suffer eternal pain forever, the ones named and shamed.

My children had carers who were very nice and loved my children dearly, she also cried when a mother a friend from the Home Education group won the care of my children until they are returned to my care. She won through a 10 months of solid assessments to care for them both,  she was put under tremendous pressure. An amazing mother I am tremendously grateful to her. Jean Kanzara wrote a 130 damning report to try and deem her as harming my children. But the now carer refuted and wrote in response to the report. Now brushed under the carpet by the court. I am still awaiting under the 'freedom of information request for a complete copy of our family records. Only been given bits and pieces.


Need a copy of the foster carers statement at this time.

Emotions shattered unable to show them during my contact with my children as this would upset them both seeing their mother crying.  The social workers Reports would be stating an unstable mother we can imagine. I kept complaining about the local authorities contact arrangements. Contacts being  cancelled last minute.  I could feel the pressure when  I was told  I am not allowed to say anything to my children about what is going on.............

I was given a few rules by Ingrid Doheny before meeting my children after several days. Ingrid also lied within her report.


I have made complaints against her also Jean Kanzara, Gareth Batley

(my daughter and foster carer found Mr Gareth Batley a very strange character to be a social worker and their secrecy..

I complained to my solicitors many times before sacking Gary Jacobs. A terrible company. 

 I was fed up with the lack of support they provided, having so many solicitors within the one company to work with during my time with them. I found Gary Jacobs & Co one of the worst solicitors firms I had ever used to support me during such times... I wrote to the head legal department and made serious complaints and complained about the three that I had within my case. The second solicitor within Gary Jacobs & CO told me that Judge Ansell had already made up his mind on this  case. She said this 2/3 times.  She also tried to encourage me that leaving my children's father will help my case. But we already knew this would not be happening.  


Our case was already pre determined as Kiran Sangha told me from Gary Jacobs

told me AND OTHER LEGAL PEOPLE WHO  came to support? 

My children solicitor Martin Michael & CO gave me a list of solicitors firms on the day I had to attend the first court appearance  I did not have a solicitor provided at the time.   Bad idea getting this solicitors firm from the local authorities list of firms. I was told by this time not to trust certain firms............. This was frightening to hear. He was the solicitor for my children and  the social workers and Guardian's solicitor  within the local authorities. His letter heading said he had a business address when I went to his office uninvited there was no office there for years said the head of post office. The post office gave me back my court bundle that I sent to Martin Michaels & CO another strange character.

I was told to  kept  signing the  Interim care orders.  We didn’t know what these papers really meant at the time and nobody really explained to me exactly, just the threats if I didn't sign them.  'It will look bad on you if  don't sign them' my solicitor Kiran Sangha said,  the judge would not be impressed and it will look very bad as a parent she said also wasting public funds in the 'public purse'

 I didn’t know my rights or who to get help from, as even my solicitor kept telling me it was in the best interest of my children and it would jeopardise  getting my children returned if I did not sign the papers. Who actually ever gets there human rights anyway? 

I signed whatever I was asked by solicitors the three solicitors that I had at Gary Jacobs and Co.

 I was afraid for my Children's  health, and their emotional well being harmed and  seeing this happen. 

All my complaints were never recorded in any of the reports so I started to email to anyone involved who may listen. 

I was tying to get these serious issues sorted out; serious health issues, emotional harm of my children while in care of the Local Authorities.

My children spent hours travelling on each contact in hot weather having no water in the hottest days of the year, I complained. But they did not seem to care or comprehend!

I found this disgraceful to the care of a child.

I kept getting emails about meetings and the Social workers long term plans a couple of months in the beginning of proceedings , just these words were frightening; permeant placement planning, and BAAF reports within in the first few months before final hearings.

I kept on getting calls from different people to meet. I was also informed I would get travel expenses but to this day 26/1/2015 still not received. I went to all the meetings at first. It's amazing how many organisations and service departments come into play.

No wonder parents and grandparents are overwhelmed by the process...

Awaiting complaints to be answered but it's now a mind field here...

My children for several months were not allowed to see Family and friends. They were prisoners full time prisoners. And silenced.

I was now being evicted from the property where i lived with my children. They council gave me in the 1st place 

  I was evicted on  10th April 2013 I followed the information provided by the Private Sector Leasing agency at Mercury The PASC.. The same local authority where my children where taken to on 29th January 2013. The same place where we would  have the Looked After Children's  reviews by the independent Reviewing officer Kate Shepherd. The same place my rent was paid. 

The local authorities we are still awaiting a response to why I was evicted. but since asking for access to my information since March 2013. I am still having problem receiving access by social services these documents for me to see what they have written about us and for me to check the records.


Not knowing who is who within these proceedings with so many people in our life I was in a confused state of mind. Any person would feel the same in such traumatic circumstances.


While all these things were happening all together and seeing my children in a horrific state I continuously wrote to anyone and everyone  who could help. Nobody listened within the local authorities or even my solicitor firm.


 I found PAIN by Alison Jayne Stevens who provided me with overwhelming advice which lead to getting help. She had her daughter forced from her and managed to win her back.


I was made out to be the worst mother in the world. My children were made out to be stupid by the local authorities and years behind their peers in  education.

And father was getting branded as a paedophile who harmed his daughter. They would write that my daughter 'reported sexual abuse' by her father the social workers and guardian's would write by using the anonymous person who called the NSPCC. My daughter never reported any form of abuse also written in the police report. Said DC Kohli and DC Beer as they stated my daughter did not mention being harmed in any way. But the social workers and their management carried on using the anonymous informers views... 


Reminding You here that the police did not find any evidence to show harm they also wrote that no best evidence was found. And my daughter did not report such an accusation. This was just the inaccurate report of an anonymous informer.


I never knew a social worker's role of duty, or the trainee’s Social workers.  I met so many for the first few months many trainees and other organisations and 100s of reporters with the local authorities. There is so many organisations i.e., Cafcass, LAC, BAAF the list is long,   but I knew one thing there was 'no care' for my children's health, there was 'harm' 'neglect', serious emotional harm caused. And serious lies being told this harm is called future emotional harm. They said I was harming my children's future.


The reasons why they said my children needed to be taken out of my care was for emotional harm, future harm, 'neglect' these children where 'home educated' was stated a concern and the reporters/anonymous informers said years behind their peers. 

I cannot take my children swimming incase the reporter of our contact worker cannot see our facial expressions under the water.

I cannot take my children to the theatre to see the Lion King ' it would not be appropriate' says the social worker and their management.

My children are not provided a place of comfort will seeing me their mother for the four hour contact and I was told I am not allowed to use my family home or visit my sister while having my time with my children.( this is certainly an education for others) WHY? Is the questions that need to be answered.



My complaint from the beginning of 29th January 2013 against the local authority.

They who lost how to care for children during proceedings.



Even to this day my daughter still cries and both my children want to be home with their mum and dad and still the secret courts and the local authority changed reports.. to their Lords and Masters and puppet pullers controlling our behaviours movements the list is long.

My daughter is from this day is  traumatised and the signs are visible to me. 

This is a crime!

I started to see reports about social workers falsifying reports in top News articles. 

Now there is 1000s of complaints of parents saying the same about their cases of inaccurate reports.

A few of our Complaints against the local authorities.

1.Lies of 1st social worker Ingrid Doheny in her reports.

Within one sentence Ms Doheny took the words of a funny story I said to my children and she changed the words to sound like underlined mental health issues> Pooing in a box . 

 words of serious emotional harm was now being used underlined mental health issues.

2.Wishes and Feeling not being written properly to distort the truth by the LAC review officer Kate Shepherd, Jean Kanzara. Titi Akinwande. Ann Haigh(liberal Democrat for Essex) working with cafcass. Nyarai Marconi (brining me of having a paedophile ring before sharply leaving our case without notice).

3.Gareth Batley who took away contact when we wished for more contact before he sharply left our case without notice to the carers, contact workers. He left with my documents.

I complained to Gareth when we met at a cafe in Mare street. Hackney, London. I told him that it is unfair that my daughter has to speak to me on loud speaker while travelling on a  busy bus from school.  He asked why the calls had to be on loud speaker. I said this was written by social workers that telephone contact with mother had to be on loud speaker 'supervised'.

Anyway he then cancelled the Wednesday contact altogether against our wishes.

Any changes to contact would need to be taken back to the court but this did not happen.

The Independent reviewing officer on the day of our LAC review. The review that I was not invited to I only found out by my children.  My children were  not properly invited to attend, my family were not notified. The reviewing officer has guidelines to work with and with accordance to the children's human rights

Guidelines are written for the IRO handbook for Officers and staff to abide by but these rules/ guidelines are not being acted out.

My children's voices  still not being heard. 

4.There was no parenting assessment which was imperative for the final court stated within Orders from the first court hearing. 

On the court order  In the Principle Registry of The Family Division dated 08/02/13.


The Local Authority will submit that there are reasonable grounds for believing that the children are;

a) Suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm, and 

b) that the harm, or likely hood of harm, is attributed to the care given to the children, or likely to be given to them if the Order were not made, not being what it would be reasonable to expect a parent to give to them.   

States: 22nd January 2013 A serious disclosure from the anonymous informer who called the NSPCC on two occasions that my daughter told her a woman who attended the AWE Adventures with Education in Spring Field in London, 

My daughter told in her lovely story that we are naturists in Italy, on another occasion she said in her lovely story that we sleep naked in bed watch TV and snack like in the cinema,  Another story her daddy kisses her every day cause he loves her.

Well this is true  but my daughter did not make a serious disclosure.  My daughter said to the so called friend 'when we are in Italy we are naturists, she loves her dad. She kisses him every day'.

This same anonymous informer put in her own mind who obviously had different beliefs and lifestyle from us. She obviously finds nudity inappropriate. And she complained to the NSPCC.

The police founds No best evidence of my daughter making a serious disclosure.  But still the social services used this in all their reports after there being no best evidence found by interviewer. Police and children's services.

5. On all the court orders  all the wrong birth dates on both my children for over a year even though I kept telling them. Eradicating my history and fathers history on BAAF reports. 

6. . I have 6 court case numbers for the same case there should only be one.


7. There is no signatures to the care orders July 2013 Family Division Unit court care order they gave me a different case numbers. 


5. They said the Key issues for the care order

a) Allegations of sexual abuse reported by my daughter  But this was a lie made by the reporter from the anonymous informer.

Even the police said there was no best evidence found or stated.

Who made this story up for the care order to be confirmed when no best evidence was found  by the police investigation team 15th February 2013?   

This allegation was still written after 15th Feb right up to the final hearing and written on the  addendum and care plan to the final hearing.

6. The case or the timetable  was not completed when stated the time table  for the final hearing no later than 9th August.

Our child’s case went on till 11th October 2013…


7.This was a long and drawn out process and harmed my children’s health and well being the serious harm being caused but no one actually taking notice of the emotional well being of my children.


Documents where  brought in to the case by the social worker Jean Kanzara who lied in a report  to make the 2nd foster carer  to be emotionally harming my children. Jean Kanzara stated the Foster care told my children that their father is a paedophile and your mother is not capable of taking care of you the reasons why you are placed in care.

Both my children were told they where lucky to find the first carer otherwise they could of been left in a dumping ground where children have no one to look after them. My daughter told me this during our contact and was very worried.

We want to know where Jean Kanzara got this information in the first place. I accuse her of lying. And we would like this looked into further.

The Foster carer refuted this accusation who then was asked to provide a statement to support this accusation.  

The foster carer refuted this allegation and wrote her response to the court stating she said no such words to my children.

This was taken no further after her detailed letter to Judge Ansell.

7.  The police had from 29th January 2013 to 8th February 2013  for the relevant enquiries  to be found of ‘imminent sexual abuse’ There was no best evidence.  But on the continuing reports was sexual abuse by father.

Imminent sexual abuse was also written on the  care order and care plan.

The inaccurate reporting.  These are the type of reports we complained about.

a) It was the local authorities that stated on the 8/2/13 Stephen Doye stated the local authority ‘will’ argue to accommodate beyond the expiration date of the emergency protection order from the 8th February…

This is the date I believe that Ingrid Doheny lied to go beyond the Emergency Protection order of the police report as they had ‘no’ best evidence found..

she stated my son pooing in his bedroom they is very easily noticed in her report when first she said could have , may have then to is pooing in his room. see just a little word changed to dam a boy and his mother to use force and to then using underline mental health issues and bad parenting skills.

8. On the directions hearing  on 8th Feb 2013 where I made serious complaints against the social workers and guardian  Titi Akinwande my children's first guardian.  These complaints.

Serious compaints of the health of my children where not taken seriously or answered.  

Listing  a few of the complaints.

The  Local authority social workers going by reports of an anonymous person stating that my 'children had suffered or likely to suffer from significant harm and that the harm or likelihood of harm,   ‘is’ attributed to the care given to the children , or likely to be given to them if the order were not made was written on the care orders.

There was no evidence?

There was no parenting assessment and this was the role of the Social workers at the time. They needed the full parenting assessment to hold our children.

 On the Form C110 8th February 2013  The Applicant  Ingrid Doheny  social worker:

The court documents states "it is not sufficient just to refer to or repeat the care plan. The plan is for the children to remain accommodated whilst the parenting assessment is completed..

This was an order within our proceedings…

There was No parenting assessment. I have asked the Independent reviewing Officer Kate Shepherd and now the 4th Social worker Nyarai Markoni but there is now a wall of silence so Add to dictionary Officer Shepherd and Nyarai Marconi have now left.

Hopefully someone might listen...

10. Jean Kanzara changed documents to be made that she made complaints.  She also stole 2 expensive items of my children.

11. The true wishes and feeling of my children were not written properly of what my children where actually saying, she ignored emails and complaints I made about the care of  my children's health and well- being.

12.Gareth Batley took over very late after Jean left.

I reported many complaints to Mr Batley about CAFCASS about Ann Haigh my children's 2nd guardian against Titi's behaviour within my case and Ann Haigh used Titi reports when she left our case. Obviously they needed a more experienced person. I complained too many times against Titi Akinwande.

I tried to get the travelling expenses and so many people saying I can receive this funding when infarct '[Not'. I eventually  gave  Gareth Batley many of my bank statements and receipts to provide my payments out to the many meetings and interviews miles away, contact interviews, solicitors meetings and court appearances but still to this day this still has not happened since being promised.

Gareth Batley suddenly left without telling anyone. He did not pass on serious information to the next social worker Nyarai Marconi. And no more being said even when I seriously complained about him taking all my documents.

I ended up saying to Gareth Batley that they can keep the local authority can keep their dirty rotten money..

I'm just making you aware of the issues of a mother who going through such trauma cannot get help within this so called caring service. 

I'm one of the luckily ones as my family provided this help for me. But it shows there is no care or help provided. 

I can imagine families who do not get funds to support them in these circumstances.

I posted on my facebook page a document that the BAAF Adoption and Fostering Agency reported 5 months before the final hearing, a written official document that my children will not be placed back to the care of their mother 5 months before the final hearing.  My children and foster carer where told this at the beginning of June 2013. My final hearing was not until 11th October 2013.

Gareth Batley before leaving asked me to remove this document.

We can see my case was pre determined, also  my first solicitors firm. Gary Jacobs & Co told me in my first meeting with her, the judge had already made up his mind on my case, she stared a number of times, if I leave my partner Michael the judge might take this on board and may consider me having my children returned to my care. But we already had the feeling this was never going to happen.

I refused to do this, why would I want to leave my children's father?

Gareth emailed me and asked me to remove the BAAF document that I posted on facebook with a few others.  I was reluctant I did take the one stating my court numbers as we had 5 different court numbers.

He said he would sort this out,  but he  was very sneaky and devious and he then cancelled the phone contact altogether even though we wanted more contact.


Jean Kanzara took my sons Samsung Galaxy Phone and my daughter brand new IPod Nano..thief's in the children's services.

I was shocked by the court process it was so unorganised especially with the police reports and the lack of communication between the police and the social services.

It's a very difficult process to get any information from any of these organisations. I asked a few months ago for all correspondence files on me and my children. It's well over the 40 days since I asked so I will need to ask once again... I received info on my case December 2014 and could only laugh at the size of the envelopes that Officer Kate Shepherd and Jonathan James handed to me since the start of 2013. Now still asking for more reports. It's our right to have all information about what is being said about our family.


I have asked for all reports from the contact workers on me and my children but still awaiting... well over a 100 days now....


It's got so bad that even the contact workers are complaining and foster carers are complaining both the lack or care and organisation of the caring services.


The new social worker Nyarai is always off sick or on holiday specially when meetings are arranged this is common practice listening to other families. New reporters are sent in on meetings to take notes.. On the 10th September 2014 Nyarai's senior practitioner Jameson Munsanka attended the LAC review as she was off sick once again. My children didn't know  Jamerson he just took notes throughout the meeting and the foster carer she also was provided with a new social worker on the day... . But like them all they are pen posed throughout the meeting and did not speak.  But these reports are never provided in the review reports later on or when asking under the freedom of information Act 

  • The Act covers any recorded information that is held by a public authority in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and by UK-wide public authorities based in Scotland. Information held by Scottish public authorities is covered by Scotland's own Freedom of Information(Scotland) Act 2002.

These LAC reviews are supposed to be child cantered meetings........and organised by Independent Review Officers ( officers)  there was no way that Officer Kate Shepherd worked according to her guidance in the Officer Hand Book

But still they are separated throughout the meetings.

Children should be given prior to LAC reviews a questionnaire to complete but this did not happen in the way it stated within the reviewing officers hand book. It was a very unorganised meeting and even the teacher of the school was calling social services on the day of the meeting as they didn't even know there was a LAC review. My children's teacher said she thought it was a PEP review... Personal Education Plan. These are the reports we want to see in the freedom of information.

There is just 100s of complaints that I have against the local authority within my case.

They have no skills of parenting this is a absolute crime against family life Article 8 A right to family life.

We are now getting organised for the ECHR....and showing which Human Rights Articles have been breached. Starting with the most powerful;  Our right to a private family life. Updated the ECHR brushed all our supporting evidence under the carpet.  we here like all the other families trying to get their  children returned to their care. They are  as bad as the social services to brushing supporting evidence under the carpet.  We now knowing this have to take a better look at those behind the scenes of the unknown names and faces.

Notes at the time.



Which states that my children have been illegally fostered. On the next picture you'll see the day date and signature of this document is signed 4 months before the final hearing. But the now foster carer states here that she heard a few weeks before this date that my children will not be returned to their mothers care. We both though that this needs to be decided at the final hearing which was not untill 11th October 2013. This as we can see is predetermined.

baaf 1.jpg

baaf 1.jpg

Read Stephen Chippeck on grounds against the local authority.

He stated the judge was wrong. Click on his book to find out more...

Unsympathetic Judge and Lord within keeping families together. They both supressed  all my evidence to fight for justice. They should be sacked never allowed to work in Family Care Public Services. They do not respect the ECHR. A Right to A family Life they went by inaccurate reports and not kept reports and lies.

Anthony Ansell or Lord Briggs has no respect to mothers, fathers or their children. This is why they work within the "DIVISION UNIT' of Families. They have changed the sign outside the family courts>>>>> ' The Family Division Units ' to ' The Court of Protection' .

I have grave concerns about these two men working within family care.

The family division sign has been removed and was changed AROUND OCTOBER 2014

      Lord Briggs

They changed the name of the family courts from division to protection.

We chose to Home Educate our children

Mia's Story with Illustrations with the support of her mum and dad 2011

Dr Alan Thomas met with me and my children during a contact session but the courts refused to read his report from Department of Psychology and Human Development from the Institute of Education:

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity. Learn more from Mr Ken Robinson

I share our family pictures & Videos.  Since seeing serious lies within documents to hold my children as political prisoners.

My Children Guy and Mia before being taken by the UK government and criminal public service workers by a very dangerous reporting process, they work in the children's services.

Who's kidding who that my children are harmed in anyway by their mother & father.  When the interigation should be held within your services Social Sevices, local authorites. Where 1000s of families and children complaining. The sexual abuse complaints and after watching the family courts. When you hear of a father fighting to get his five-year-old daughter and his fifteen-year-old daughter complaining of being sexually abused while in the care of the local authorities, and the courts are turning a blind eye, in amusement. People will wise up and want to see camera's filming the whole court process that will include filming the Family Court Judges to The Lords.





Social workers and guardian at the beginning started writing that my son would punch his sister every day. That he is agressive and  has violent behaviors... lets have a look.. It's a good job I have 1000s of videos and pictures to disprove your lies.

. Linda    10th February 2015

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